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this world is secluded filled with hatred and tedium.
i feel nothing im weightless... you were the only object that actually had a meaning.
you made me feel unique and beautiful...
youve never puzzled me, made me uncomfortable, or even overlooked me.
you never made me feel distress.
no one understood me, except you!
no one would listen, except you!
no one would even care, except you!
now its over ive lost something i can never have again.
im already deseasd without you.
every time you are mentioned or seen, a little part of my heart dissentigrates.
why cant you acknowledge im here.
dont neglect me.
me and you are in the same world together.
i feel theres only room for one.
who shall be the one to leave? is it you. is it me.
it must be the weightless fuck up.
how will i attempt my departure?
shall i venture it instantaneous or shall i venture it deliberately?
what will happen once the darkness conceals my vibrant eyes? will i rest forever in a world where nothing matters?
i know im still young, i have a whole life ahead, but i cant live in this agony!

if this someone reads this and you know who you are i need to talk to you and find out why you are being the biggest douche bag ever!!
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